SEILS #2 | Mentorship in Leadership

We extend our deepest gratitude to Professor Jane Clarke for her invaluable insights at the second edition of the Sunway Education Inclusive Leadership Series (SEILS) - Mentorship in Leadership. This series is a collaboration between Sunway Education, ASLI, and Sunway University, moderated by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Elizabeth Lee, Group CEO of Sunway Education and director, ASLI Board of Directors.

In an engaging session, Professor Jane, President of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge shared her experiences and perspectives on the significance of mentorship in shaping effective leaders. Her journey as a mother, a high school teacher and a leading academia emphasises the impact of mentorship in developing leadership qualities across various fields.

Professor Jane's insights provided a deeper understanding of the mentor-mentee relationship and its crucial role in professional and personal development. Prof Jane’s sharing highlighted how crucial it is for mentors to guide, support, and inspire. One of her most memorable statements was, "Leaders are those that bring the best out of others," which was left as practical advice for those who want to lead and teach others.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Society of Malaysia (Oxbridge Malaysia) and the UK Women Alumni (UKWA) for their support in making this event a success.

We eagerly look forward to the continued growth and enrichment of our community through future SEILS events, as we explore and exchange knowledge on leadership excellence.