On 10 January 2024, ASLI's CEO hosted an episode of 'The Nation' on BERNAMA TV, featuring insights from Kishan Jasani, Country CEO of Grant Thornton Malaysia, and Margie Ong, CEO of Thoughts In Gear, on the topic of ESG in Trade and Corporate.

Kishan Jasani shared that beyond the acronym of Environment, Social and Governance, ESG must be viewed through the agenda of sustainability, having a business practice that is good for the people, governance structure and the environment.

Margie Ong presented a revealing analysis of ESG awareness and readiness among companies, highlighting a significant gap between listed companies and those in the global supply chain. She also stressed the role of government, customers, and investors in driving corporations towards sustainable practices, crucial for our planet's future.

The segment concluded with Margie Ong reminding the audience to seize every opportunity to spread ESG awareness, including upcoming events like the 2024 Planetary Health Summit and the 6th Annual Meeting hosted by the Sunway Centre for Planetary Health.

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