Unleashing PR Prowess: Mentoring The Next Gen for Digital Dominance

ASLI was honoured to participate in the 6th Kuala Lumpur International Public Relations Conference, hosted by World Communications. Our Director for Strategy & Partnerships, Eizaz Azhar spoke on the topic of ‘Unleashing PR Prowess: Mentoring The Next Gen for Digital Dominance.’

During the session, we explored the evolving trends that shape our digital world, from climate change activism and social justice to the implications of AI in public relations. We also emphasised the importance of adhering to fundamental PR ethics, creating value-driven content, and fostering a respectful digital environment as key elements in ensuring a safe and constructive online space. We also looked ahead, pondering future trends and strategising on how best to equip future leaders to navigate them effectively.

A special thank you to World Communications for inviting ASLI to contribute to this insightful event at the 6th KLIP.

We are grateful for the opportunity to share our perspective and engage with fellow PR professionals on these critical topics.

Empowering Leaders, Advancing Societies.