SEILS #3 | The Influencer of a Generation: From Social Media to Real Action

We were thrilled to host multi-award-winning influencer Ibz Mo, at our recent Sunway Education Inclusive Leadership Series. In a dialogue moderated by Professor Dato’ Elizabeth Lee, Ibz shared his journey from overcoming hardships to becoming a celebrated influencer and change-maker.

Ibz’s story is one of resilience and determination. Growing up with significant challenges, he has leveraged his experiences to foster inclusivity and advocate for educational access, earning accolades such as the Inclusive Education Award at Cambridge. His work with the Aziz Foundation and as a Trustee of Strive illustrates his commitment to creating impactful change, such as setting up Ramadan Lights in central London to advance diversity and inclusion.

During the session, Ibz discussed his interdisciplinary background, spanning psychology and law, and how it informs his influential content that challenges discrimination and promotes positive social changes. He highlighted significant strides in diversity and inclusion in the UK while acknowledging areas needing further improvement.

Ibz left us with a call to action, urging everyone, regardless of background or platform, to use their voices to champion diversity and inclusivity in their communities.

Thank you to all participants for joining this enlightening conversation, and we look forward to more such impactful sessions!