SEILS #1 | From Skeletons to Scholars: The Anatomy of Leadership

ASLI would like to extend our sincere thanks to Professor Dame Sue Black for enriching the discussion in the first edition of Sunway Education Inclusive Leadership Series (SEILS)- From Skeletons to Scholars: The Anatomy of Leadership. The SEILS series is a collaboration of Sunway Education, ASLI and Sunway University, moderated by Professor Dato’ Elizabeth Lee, Group CEO of Sunway Education and Director, ASLI Board of Directors.

In the discourse, Prof. Dame Sue Black shared the essence of leadership in different settings drawn from her vast experiences being a forensic scientist, serving in many extreme investigations to being an academic and becoming the President of St. John’s College, University of Oxford.

Prof Dame Sue Black’s experiences in forensic science and academia has taught her the importance of integrity and has shown the impact of an empowering family upbringing. Prof. Black’s insights into professional conduct, especially in handling the emotional challenges of her work, underscored the need for balance between duty and compassion. Her advice for students and young professionals about inclusivity, support, and the value of every experience as a learning opportunity resonated deeply with the audience, emphasising leadership that is both compassionate and principled.

We would like to also thank the Oxford and Cambridge Society Malaysia and UK Women Alumni (UKWA) for supporting the event.

We look forward to the next edition of SEILS events, to the continual growth and enrichment of our community through the exchange of knowledge, experience, and the shared pursuit of leadership excellence.

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