On 14th October 2022, the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) hosted a momentous event at Sunway University in collaboration with The Head Foundation and the Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia (JCI). The session featured the Mr Veng Sereyvuth, Former Minister of Tourism, Culture and Fine Arts Cambodia who shared pivotal moments and wisdom from his life experience.

Mr Veng, reflecting on his journey, mentioned, "Appreciate what we have more, complain less, and always remember those who have assisted us in our path." Prof Yeah Kim Leng, economist and JCI Senior Fellow moderated the discourse that delved deep into Asia's significant role as global leaders in today's interconnected world.

Elaborating on his personal history, Mr Veng underscored the invaluable role of education and the power of seizing opportunities. “Socioeconomic background is never a hindrance towards growth, development and success; however, it is opportunity that makes a difference" he said. His life story is a testament to this belief — transitioning from a refugee to a politician, minister, and national leader, owing largely to those who gave him chances along the way. Today, he dedicates his time to empower the youth, especially those in Cambodia who face challenging circumstances.

During the session, Mr Veng advocated for increased unity within Asia, underscored the economic potential of tourism, and emphasized the importance of sustainability, gratitude, and giving back. He also underlined the value of observation and listening as potent tools in decision-making and action.

The event concluded with a token of gratitude to Dr Wan Chang Da, CEO of The Head Foundation, for his collaborative efforts. ASLI remains committed to organizing further enlightening events in the future.