National Unity, Interfaith Dialogue and Freedom of Religion

Work focuses on a review of policies that have had major impact –both positive and negative- on national unity and the chasm between religious groups in Malaysia.

Arising from the review, appropriate policy interventions will be put forward and roundtables, seminars and discussion panels will be carried out to propose corrective actions and therefore strengthen unity, freedom of religion, interfaith dialogue and social cohesion.

Poverty Stricken & Low Income Communities and Urban Poor

Apart from a core of hardcore poor, there are growing numbers of relative poor, and new poor, especially visible in urban centres. Work is especially needed to focus on the condition of low-income families –often, the forgotten lot- who lie in between the poor and the middle class

Transparency and Good Governance

Commitment to the cause of improving the government system, the democratic process and transparency is crucial to having a well-functioning society. Work is needed to revise various processes, including the national budget, the Auditor General's report, and government policies such as the NEM, ETP and GTP.

National Competitiveness

To ensure that the country does not lag behind in the global economy it is necessary to review Malaysia's international competitiveness. Work focuses on constraints and bottlenecks that are standing in the way of more resilient socio-economic growth.

Education & Human Capital Development

There is new urgency for educational reform and policy changes that can enable the nation's youth to stay relevant in a globalised economy and rapidly changing world scene.

Policy work focuses on scenario building aimed at producing higher performance in tertiary education as well as the examination of issues of public controversy such as the apportionment of scholarships and university admissions.

Environment & Sustainable Development

Issues of environmental protection and conservation and the need for balanced development to ensure sustainability have moved into the forefront of national and global consciousness.

Policy work by the Centre will focus on key areas of sector importance such as the nation's stock of forests and waters and the role that major players in development, especially corporate actors, can play in a sustainable development policy.