Ms Ng Yeen Seen

Ms Ng Yeen Seen is a public intellectual and a young thought leader. She was recently named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. She sits on the UNESCO Steering Committee for Youth Leading Change for Peace in ASEAN and is a Board Member at the Global Institute for Women Empowerment.


Yeen Seen is the Founder of #OpsHarapan, a grassroots  movement when the worst flood hit the East-Coast of Peninsular Malaysia in 2014. Today, the movement continues their work in nation building by bringing hope to local communities.


She is the Chief Operating Officer at Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) and Senior Director at Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS). ASLI was recently ranked as one of the world’s and region’s top think tank. ASLI was ranked no. 23 in the world among think tanks with budget below USD5 million and no. 22 in the world among think tanks to watch. ASLI’s Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) was also ranked 7th best in Asia Pacific region.  She is also the Senior Programme Director of the World Chinese Economic Forum and was Head of Secretariat of the Malaysia-China Business Council.


In 2015, she was invited to be a mentor of the US President Obama’s Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI). An Accounting graduate of Cardiff University, UK; she holds a postgraduate degree in Education Policy from Warwick University, UK.


In 2011-2012, Yeen Seen was selected as a National Youth Icon by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia. She was also appointed to serve on the Technical Committee for the National Wage Council, established by the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia.


She was part of the Policy Exchange Programme organised by the Communist Party of China in 2016. She is an alumni of the esteemed Korea Foundation’s Next Generation Leaders Course 2010; the prestigious International Visiting Leaders Programme (IVLP) to the United States in May 2011 and the JENESYS East Asia Future Leaders Programme of Japan in 2012. She was invited to the International Visitors Programme observing the Indonesia Legislative Election Campaign in April 2009 and was selected by the Government of Australia to attend a course at the University of Sydney Graduate School of Government, Australia.


Yeen Seen’s experience includes political analysis, business development, research and policy analysis, strategic communications, spearheading publicity and communications, International Diplomacy and International Relations.


Prior to joining ASLI/CPPS, Yeen Seen served at the Wawasan Open University and SEDAR Institute, a political think tank as the Deputy Director-General.


Yeen Seen is a frequent commentator of politics, education, economics and youth empowerment in national newspapers and often appears on various TV programmes. She has addressed numerous international conferences and is a frequent contributor at many policy roundtable discussions at both the Federal level.


Yeen Seen is passionate about creating a better society and she believes that she needs to be the change that she wishes to see.