Prof. M. I. Logan

Malcolm Ian Logan was an Australian geographer, an important university administrator and finally, the most acclaimed Vice chancellor of University of Monash between 1987 and 1996 .

Logan grew in the New Wales of the South, attending the secondary school in the remote city of Tamworth . Later, moved to Sydney to complete a degree of geography in University of Sydney, that finished in 1951 . After spending some time like educational in the secondary schools, it returned to Sydney to finish its doctorate and to occupy a position like professor of Geography and Urban Planificación. Next, it passed a time in different universities fromthe United States and Nigeria later to work as much in World Bank like in the OECD like head of urban planning.

In 1971, Louis Matheson, then Vice chancellor of Monash, invited to Logan to exert of professor in the important university that the same directed. Although Logan knew little about Monash then, it wanted to return to Australia, and it chose this University, since it seemed to him “an animated place and brillante". Once there, one stood quickly in the administrative rows, first like Pro Vice chancellor and then, in 1987, like Vice chancellor.

Its leadership brought about a drastic expansion of most important and recognized the University turning it into of the country. Impelled by Dawkins Reforms, Logan energetically organized a series of institutions of education superior.

Logan ended up formulating the function of " multidiversidad", similar to the great state universities in the EE., like University of California and University of Wisconsin-Madison . Thus, Monash happened to have a campus in Clayton with 20000 students, to have 6 campuses with 40000 students each. Also it recognized that the future of Australia was in Asia. Consequently, it established the presence of the education of Monash, mainly in: Malaysian, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos . Later, Logan established the bond of the university with Sundway Group, a relation that gave rise to the creation of the first campus of Monash in Malaysia towards the year 1998 .