Conferences and Fora

ASLI is a research think tank. However, one of the main ways of providing a platform for discussion, debate, and further enhancement is through our conferences, fora and summits. We base these on the results of exhaustive research that our staff engages with, in order to come up with the timeliest, relevant, and well-constructed programmes for discussion. In appropriate settings for each topic, ASLI brings together the current experts from each field, from Malaysia, South East Asia, and around the world, in order to discuss in well-constructed panel discussions, roundtables, or seminars the issues that present challenges on a given topic.

The aim of our conferences and fora is to provide a platform for experts to meet and exchange ideas, but also for those professionals, politicians, civil servants, entrepreneurs, or simply anyone interested to come and listen, and provide their opinions for any challenges they see.

Our conferences have an interesting mix of academicians, business professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs and the general public, in order to provide for the necessary interaction to come to the right conclusions and make the correct decisions.

But our impact does not stop there. At the end of each conference, much work is involved by pushing the right establishments to adopt the recommendations that come from each gathering, and to take the necessary actions to move closer to the achievement of a better society.

So, why is ASLI such a good avenue to promote change, especially through our conferences and forums?

  • Good & Extensive Conference Management Procedures and Methodology
  • Proven Track Record of Successful High-Level Conferences
  • Excellent Protocol Knowledge
  • Diverse Networks and Contacts
  • Technological Know-How & Expertise
  • Technological Capabilities, Machinery & Expertise
  • Strong Support from the Government
  • Strong Commitment to Our Core Values – Excellence, CSR & Commitments to Ethics & Integrity Research Capabilities
  • Unique Mix of Strengths and Diversity
  • Dedicated Professional Management Team and Eminent Board Trustees and IAP Members Large and Diverse Corporate Membership Base
  • Partnership of ASLI and Host: Synergy of Like-Minded Organisations; Common Share Purpose & Alignment of Mission
  • The ASLI Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) Spearheads Public Advocacy and Public Private Sectors Partnerships for the Social Economic Agenda; Balances Development, Poverty Eradication and National Unity Programmes.
  • We submit post conference reports to relevant authorities highlighting issues of concern and putting forward specific policy recommendations.